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Circular constructions

After two world records and nearly twenty years in the industry, Magne Bjertnæs is one of Sweco’s foremost experts in timber.

Magne enjoys working with wood because it is both renewable and malleable.

“Wood grows naturally in the forest, you can harvest it, replant, and harvest again. As long as we look after the forests, wood is one of the most eco-friendly materials we have. Moreover, wood products and building systems are industrially produced in fully automated manufacturing facilities. This allows for standardization to a large extent but also enables variation and customization in terms of form and function”, says Magne.

Magne was involved in the design of «The Three» in Bergen, a building that was named the world’s tallest in 2015. Three years later, he broke his own record when he played a key role in the design of Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal. After groundbreaking work and many years in the industry, Magne has a good understanding of what different suppliers can deliver.

“The advantage of working closely with suppliers is that you know what possibilities exist. It makes it easier to choose the right solutions early on, which leads to fewer changes in the detailed phase”, says Magne.

The challenge lies in adapting the solutions in each project to meet the specific customer’s requirements.

“Each project is unique, which is somewhat special in our industry. It is also what makes the job so exciting. It becomes experience-based. When you have worked with a customer or a supplier before, you understand what the customer wants and know what the supplier can deliver. That experience is valuable to bring into other preliminary projects and concept phases”, says Magne.

Magne is experienced enough to think creatively and interdisciplinary. Collaboration across disciplines is something he enjoys the most.

“The most exciting aspect of working on timber projects is bringing people together to work well, not only within Sweco but also with suppliers and clients. Achieving good collaboration and solving tasks together—simply doing cool things in wood, with the right people, at the right time—that’s what makes my job so meaningful”, says Magne.