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Transportation Infrastructure



Mobility in tomorrow’s cities and communities

Sweco’s experts design infrastructure solutions within and between our cities. Our goal is to plan and design infrastructure solutions that can help tomorrow’s cities to manage their growing populations and create new and sustainable transport methods.

In our work with infrastructure solutions, we collaborate across subject areas and disciplines. This interdisciplinarity helps us to think holistically about issues, which in turn assists us in creating multifunctional solutions that live up to society’s requirements for accessibility, economy, flexibility, price and sustainability.

We offer advice and consultancy in every type of infrastructure project, and work with everything from roads and streets, railways, urban railways, trams and subways, to pedestrian and cycle paths.

Our infrastructure experts collaborate closely with our BIM experts to solve our clients’ needs and demands. The technical disciplines covering structural stability and durability and utility infrastructure are also very important when designing and planning transportation infrastructure. Our experts within the fields of geotechnical and structural engineering, water resources and other utilities contribute the required knowledge where needed. We also have our own drilling rigs for geotechnical surveys.



Traffic and mobility




Floods and landslides

Water, sewage and surface water

BIM in infrastructure

Security risks

Acoustics in transport projects


Transforming society together with our clients

The success of our clients is our top priority. Every team and consultant is empowered to ensure their know-how makes a difference. This is how we transform society together.

Take a look at how we created one of the longest bicycle tunnels in the world in the Norwegian town Bergen.

Divisjonsdirektør infrastruktur tor helge indrebø

Tor Helge Indrebø

Division Director, Transportation Infrastructure

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