Torggata in Oslo's city centre has been upgraded to accommodate an exciting urban life in a space in which pedestrians and cyclists have been given priority. Under commission from the municipality of Oslo's Agency for Urban Development, Sweco has carried out all phases of the project.


Torggata, Oslo

Municipality of Oslo's Agency for Urban Development

Torggata, Oslo city centre


Urban and regional planning, landscape architecture. roads, traffic, process management, lighting, electrical systems, water and sewerage, geotechnics, building and structural engineering


Oslo municipality gave Sweco clear guidelines for the project: Vehicular traffic must give way to cyclists and pedestrians in Torggata. Sweco has created a pleasant and informal urban space with a street market feel, while also preserving the distinctive character of Torggata.

Torggata has become new and modern
Now it is cyclists that rule the roadway, which has been made narrower. Vehicular traffic has been limited to goods deliveries in selected stopping zones. New, wider pavements provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as shops and cafés. In the street furniture zone there are benches, cycle racks and green trees. Sweco's team of urban planners, landscape architects and a range of technical specialists worked closely together throughout the entire project. We have assessed different ways of solving the street cross section before choosing the solution that worked best in practice.

The project was nominated for the 2015 Architectural Prize of Oslo
The nomination was the result of good collaboration and transparency. The Torggata project involved a number of stakeholders: Oslo municipality, Cultural Heritage Management Office, the police, residents, building owners and businesses wanted information and the opportunity to provide input to the project. Thus far, we have received much positive feedback from both professionals and residents. We commend Oslo municipality for prioritising quality in the project.

Solution for future urban streets
Following the opening, the solutions in Torggata have attracted positive feedback from building owners, shop owners and a broad range of users. This paves the way for planning future urban streets by prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, as we have done here in Torggata.

Photo: Amund Johne and Oddrun Helen Hagen