Agder Energi has upgraded and expanded the existing Iveland power station on the Otra River. The expansion of Iveland 2 has increased production from 340 GWh to around 500 GWh. This increase is equivalent to the annual consumption of 7,500 households. Sweco has been main consultant to the project since 2009, responsible for interdisciplinary design and follow-up up to completion of the new power station in 2016.


Iveland 2 power station

Agder Energi

Iveland municipality, Aust-Agder

Pilot project: 2009–2010
Tender phase: 2012–2013
Construction phase: 2013–2016

Building and structural engineering, electromechanical disciplines, including turbines and power current, (generator), low current, HVAC, fire technology, geology and geotechnics


On 14 June 2016, Iveland 2 was officially opened by petroleum and energy minister Tord Lien. The power station has been built as a new power station inside the mountain. Its maximum operating flow is 100 m³ per second, the nameplate capacity is 44 MW, with a total production of 150 GWh. This contributes to the production of important renewable energy based on unique Norwegian hydropower.

A mini turbine benefits society
To increase the benefit to society of the project, a micro power station has also been built that produces electricity from the remaining flow in the river by utilising the height difference of the dam. A mini turbine will produce energy from water released through the dam at Iveland 2. Utilising the height difference of the dam means that a sufficient volume of water must always flow through the river, out of ecological consideration to flora and fauna, among other reasons.

An interdisciplinary project delivered at the right quality, time and cost
Sweco has been consultant in the pilot project, tender phase and detail phase and has followed the project from start to finish. The plant, which we have designed in 3-D, includes:

  • Expansion of the channel prior to intake
  • Intake structure with trash rack cleaner
  • 2 km head race tunnel with a cross section of approx. 90 square metres
  • Cross gallery, sand trap and surge shaft/chamber in connection with inlet tunnel
  • Power station in the mountain
  • Access and evacuation tunnel
  • Drainage tunnel with outlet in the River Otra
  • Access portal structure and portal building
  • Overground transformer building
  • New roads
  • New bridge
  • Rehabilitated outdoor areas
  • New solution utilising the height difference of the dam, with turbinator (micro power station)

We have also assisted Agder Energi as design manager and technical experts on turbines, generators, control systems and geotechnics/geology, as well as follow-up during the construction phase. The Iveland project is a success story in which the plant has been delivered to the correct technical quality, on time and within the cost framework.

Iveland power station is on the Otra River in Iveland municipality in Aust-Agder County, where it exploits the drop between the Gåseflå fjord and Skaiåevja is used.

Photo: Agder Energi