Water and waste

Safe water and sewerage services are essential for the continued growth of cities and society in the future. Sweco's experts ensure that water and sewerage treatment systems supply clean water and they deal with the waste water discharged by millions of people each day. We have adopted an integrated approach and ensure that all the economic considerations, the environment and people are taken into account.

  • Hydraulic modelling of water and sewerage networks
  • Master planning of water and sewerage systems
  • Pipeline engineering
  • Sewage purification
  • Urban hydrology and stormwater management
  • Water treatment

Sewage purification

Modern effluent purification plants provide a good basis for a healthy, sustainable society. Sweco's experts develop efficient environment-friendly solutions for all types of sewage purification and the handling of organic waste and sludge.

Sweco is a pioneer in this specialist field. We keep a close eye on technological developments and adapt solutions to comply with the ever-increasing demands being placed on quality and purification. Our expertise is extremely useful in the fight against over-fertilisation of the world's lakes and oceans.

Our expert create innovative solutions involving advanced biological methods. These solutions are developed for sewage purification plants, water purification plants with membrane technology and biogas plants for organic waste and sewage sludge. Our services include planning, designing and checking the construction of new facilities, inspections and operational support.


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