Water and waste

Safe water and sewerage services are essential for the continued growth of cities and society in the future. Sweco's experts ensure that water and sewerage treatment systems supply clean water and they deal with the waste water discharged by millions of people each day. We have adopted an integrated approach and ensure that all the economic considerations, the environment and people are taken into account.

  • Hydraulic modelling of water and sewerage networks
  • Master planning of water and sewerage systems
  • Pipeline engineering
  • Sewage purification
  • Urban hydrology and stormwater management
  • Water treatment

Hydraulic modelling of water and sewerage networks

Sweco is highly skilled in the hydraulic modelling of water and sewerage networks, water supply networks, waste water pipe networks, surface water networks and all associated installations and issues.

We undertake both pure assignments in this field and assignments where such issues are incorporated into other assignments. Sweco uses all types of recognised software and is able to make delivery on all platforms. In cooperation with our clients we make joint decisions about the best solutions. The software we use includes MIKE URBAN, Mouse, SWMM, EPANET and Aquis. We have also undertaken a lot of work using various GIS tools in conjunction with this software.

Our hydraulic modelling experts also become more deeply involved in various water and sewerage projects. This means that we can combine theoretical knowledge about calculations with good knowledge about the measures that will be implemented.


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