Visualisation is an important communication tool and is increasingly used as a basis for decision-making. It has many areas of application, such as showing how a project can look, how it should be implemented, or to highlight specific elements of the project. Visualisation can contribute to emphasising the positive sides of a project and rendering harmless potentially politically-charged projects.

  • What is visualisation?


We tailor visualisation to the customer’s needs. Everything from simple visuals to advanced 3D films, which show the project’s appearance and scope. We also make films that present facts or other types of information about the project that the customer wants to communicate.  

  • Within BIM services we have a dedicated visualisation team that makes films, animations and stills. We have extensive experience in the use of different types of software and work in all types of formats.
  • If you need help in developing ideas and concepts, we can assist you with this.
  • We can make everything from simple visualisations to advanced films that provide information about a project, specific elements, or simply display beautiful pictures.
  • We split the jobs into different levels. Level 1 is the basic solution and level 2 is slightly more advanced. At level 3 we offer all resources and multiple creative options. If you want something completely outside the ordinary, we can create even more advanced and detailed films at level 4.