Visualisation is an important communication tool and is increasingly used as a basis for decision-making. It has many areas of application, such as showing how a project can look, how it should be implemented, or to highlight specific elements of the project. Visualisation can contribute to emphasising the positive sides of a project and rendering harmless potentially politically-charged projects.

  • What is visualisation?
  • Visualisation – level 1
  • Visualisation – level 2
  • Visualisation – level 3
  • Information films


If you require a visual presentation quickly, a basic film or some stills, then this is the level to go for.

On this level of visualisation you will receive:  

  • Low degree of detail. The models we receive can be added, while other buildings or elements are boxes, for example.
  • Graphic elements or text information can be added.
  • Unedited stills will be screenshots from, for example, InfraWorks, Virtual Map, Solibri or other sources.
  • Any Photoshop processing will be minimal.
  • Camera operation through the model is possible.

Prerequisites for this level are:

  • We receive accessible 3D models.
  • For example, if a building is to be located in a still or photograph, it would be preferable for the basis to come from the customer.
  • If the customer does not have the two items above, we can still deliver, but some extra time must be allowed for.


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