Visualisation is an important communication tool and is increasingly used as a basis for decision-making. It has many areas of application, such as showing how a project can look, how it should be implemented, or to highlight specific elements of the project. Visualisation can contribute to emphasising the positive sides of a project and rendering harmless potentially politically-charged projects.

  • What is visualisation?
  • Visualisation – level 1
  • Visualisation – level 2
  • Visualisation – level 3
  • Information films


Conveying important information may, in certain cases, be more important than showing how the elements in a project will appear. By presenting information, you can control the viewer’s perception of the project. 

  • An information film can be created as an independent film, which presents facts and other information graphically.
  • It is also possible to combine visualisations with information, with the aim of showing the project and emphasising important facts or advantages.
  • The information can be presented in a wide range of detail or forms, from simple text to detailed graphic descriptions of the project.
  • We can design icons and other graphic elements according to requirements, and are happy to collaborate to develop the idea and the film’s progression. 





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