Structural engineering technology

Buildings and other structures are dependent on having lifelong security both above and below ground. Sweco's specialists know what is required in order to realise sustainable, functional building, industrial and construction projects. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to each and every project and we ensure that economic considerations, the environment and people are taken into account in an integrated manner.

  • Administration, operation and maintenance
  • Acoustics, noise and vibrations
  • Building condition surveys
  • Building physics
  • Engineering geology
  • Environmental building assessments
  • Fire safety
  • Geology and avalanche/landslide protection
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Life cycle costs – LCCs
  • Polar technology
  • Renovation
  • Structural engineering
  • Third party control
  • Valuation


In the event of fire or damage caused to property by water or natural phenomena, our experienced loss adjusters are available at short notice to provide clients with professional valuations.  We comply with ethical guidelines and provide objective assessments so that claims can be settled to the satisfaction of all the parties involved.

Thanks to our considerable experience in connection with assignments relating to post-damage repairs, we are able to provide our clients with many services, ranging from project management, construction management, contracting and financial follow-up to general management of repair work. Insurance companies often use Sweco for special complicated claims which require the right type of expertise.

We also provide technical due diligence services in respect of buying and selling property.


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