Structural engineering technology

Buildings and other structures are dependent on having lifelong security both above and below ground. Sweco's specialists know what is required in order to realise sustainable, functional building, industrial and construction projects. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to each and every project and we ensure that economic considerations, the environment and people are taken into account in an integrated manner.

  • Administration, operation and maintenance
  • Acoustics, noise and vibrations
  • Building condition surveys
  • Building physics
  • Engineering geology
  • Environmental building assessments
  • Fire safety
  • Geology and avalanche/landslide protection
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Life cycle costs – LCCs
  • Polar technology
  • Renovation
  • Structural engineering
  • Third party control
  • Valuation

Building physics

Healthy houses with a good indoor climate and technical functionality create good health and wellbeing. Sweco offers top expertise relating to the use of materials, moisture protection, indoor climates, energy, building technology, condition assessments and renovation.

As a developer, contractor or house owner it can often be challenging to keep abreast of developments. It is important to use good building materials, adapt building components and materials to suit one's purpose and undertake work properly. This is particularly relevant when renovating existing buildings, low-energy or passive houses and buildings with a high moisture content such as swimming pools and industrial processes. Our experts are able to provide clients with assistance in this respect.

Sweco's building physicists cooperate closely with landowners, architects and developers to establish a good understanding of clients' requirements. We suggest economical, high-quality and energy-efficient solutions.


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