Modern companies are placing increased focus on securing life and property as well as complying with the safety requirements laid down by the authorities and other interested parties. Sweco's safety experts are highly skilled and experienced in respect of most safety disciplines. We provide safety consultancy and design planning for most aspects of society.

  • Fire safety
  • RAMS processes
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Security
  • Technical safety solutions

Risk assessments

It is essential for companies to find the right balance between developing and creating assets and avoiding accidents, damage and losses. Sweco's consultants identify the risks at clients' companies. Our analyses provide a sound decision-making basis for any measures to be implemented.

We identify undesirable events and analyse/evaluate the risks involved. The most suitable methods employed are dependent on what our clients wish to assess and the aim of the analysis in question.

At Sweco we aim to find the most optimal methods for our clients' requirements. We offer expertise in respect of several risk analysis methods, such as standard qualitative risk analysis, HAZID/HAZOP, ALARP and fault tree and event tree analysis.


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