Modern companies are placing increased focus on securing life and property as well as complying with the safety requirements laid down by the authorities and other interested parties. Sweco's safety experts are highly skilled and experienced in respect of most safety disciplines. We provide safety consultancy and design planning for most aspects of society.

  • Fire safety
  • RAMS processes
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Security
  • Technical safety solutions

Fire safety

Good fire safety is important for protecting life, equipment and social-critical functions. Sweco has one of Norway's largest consultancy environments for fire safety engineering and regularly creates fire concepts for all types of projects.

Sweco offers fire consultancy services to industrial, oil/gas, maritime, infrastructure, energy, security, building and construction companies.

Fire protection impinges on most other specialist disciplines, i.e. building, HVAC, electrical systems and acoustics. We are therefore keen to ensure that all our clients obtain tailored solutions incorporating different specialist fields. We have also established close links with fire protection engineers at universities and colleges so that our clients and partners can experience the same levels of expertise and fire protection, regardless of where projects are undertaken.

Our fire protection services include consultancy, inspections, fire safety engineering, the development of fire concepts, fire design for steel, concrete, wood and composite structures, risk analyses (RVA, RAMS; HAZIN and HAZOP) and fire safety courses.

We use calculation tools such as FDS, STEPS, ARGOS, Tasef and Autocad/Revit/Archicad.


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