Project management and administration

Major urban development projects are expensive, and it is crucial that the customer’s vision is fully realised in the end result. Sweco’s project managers have a critical role as the link between the customer’s vision and actual implementation. We are involved throughout all project phases and, with our structured working methods, we steer complex projects in the right direction.

  • Change and improvement management
  • Construction management
  • HSE consulting – KP and KU
  • Project administration support
  • Planning and design management
  • Project development – early phase
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Third party control

Project development – early phase

Some ideas need a little bit of help to become well-formulated. Often good ideas arise during meetings between people from different backgrounds and an open attitude towards challenges – backed by a good professional apparatus. At Sweco we participate in such processes in a creative and professional manner.

We need to be realistic when assessing the quality of a range of proposed solutions and how they fit into the bigger picture for our clients. When adopting a creative role we like to engage in untraditional thinking, but we are realists when undertaking an assessment role. That is why we are a good partner when developing a project. We help our clients develop ideas, study possibilities, prepare project specifications and implement actual projects.


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