Environmental consulting

It is inevitable that modern cities impact on the environment, although the way in which they affect their surroundings can be minimised. Sweco's environmental specialists are engaged in predicting the importance of climate change for the natural environment and society. We propose measures which can reduce the environmental burden and help society to adapt to changing climatic conditions. The sooner we focus on the environmental aspects of a project, the more we can influence them.

  • Aquatic environments
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environmental building assessments
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • External environment
  • Impact assessment and planning
  • Soil contamination
  • Water resources management

Soil contamination

Old industrial properties, urban areas, airports and ports are often contaminated in one form or another. Sweco's pollution experts can help to resolve these challenges in an environmental and cost-effective manner.

Our chemists, geologists, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, engineers and biologists are highly experienced with respect to pollution problems presented by major development projects, as well as individual cases of acute contamination.

The Norwegian Pollution Act stipulates comprehensive requirements for assessing and analysing the pre-development pollution potential of properties. Discharge/emission applications also need to be drawn up, along with plans for measures designed to reduce pollution hazards.

Sweco helps clients to implement, assess and provide guidance about the technical aspects of environmental ground surveys, project plans and final reports. We can also help to find suitable disposal sites or assist with official applications and communications. We also possess extensive experience with respect to sediment investigations and chemical/organic assessments of environmental contaminants at airports.


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