Environmental consulting

It is inevitable that modern cities impact on the environment, although the way in which they affect their surroundings can be minimised. Sweco's environmental specialists are engaged in predicting the importance of climate change for the natural environment and society. We propose measures which can reduce the environmental burden and help society to adapt to changing climatic conditions. The sooner we focus on the environmental aspects of a project, the more we can influence them.

  • Aquatic environments
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environmental building assessments
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • External environment
  • Impact assessment and planning
  • Soil contamination
  • Water resources management

Cultural heritage

Sweco is involved in predicting and assessing the consequences of encroachment on our cultural heritage. In collaboration with our landscape architects and planners, we formulate repair work and damage-reduction measures during project development  for our clients.

Our experts provide assistance with most current measures featuring cultural monuments and environments. The measures that we work with range from the development of wind power and HEP, power lines, quarries, road installations, housing developments and golf courses to the planning of conservation areas (national parks). We prepare municipal sector and development plans, environmental reports, cultural monument bases, licence applications and impact assessments. 

Sweco identifies the cultural history assets that exist in any areas being investigated. We assess the value and vulnerability of cultural monuments and environments, analyse impact and write reports. Our work takes into account the guidelines laid down by the local, regional and national authorities.


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