Environmental consulting

It is inevitable that modern cities impact on the environment, although the way in which they affect their surroundings can be minimised. Sweco's environmental specialists are engaged in predicting the importance of climate change for the natural environment and society. We propose measures which can reduce the environmental burden and help society to adapt to changing climatic conditions. The sooner we focus on the environmental aspects of a project, the more we can influence them.

  • Aquatic environments
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environmental building assessments
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • External environment
  • Impact assessment and planning
  • Soil contamination
  • Water resources management

Aquatic environments

Urban growth results in considerable pressure being exerted on water, watercourses and border zones. This development increases the risk of discharges to watercourses and requires greater knowledge about the environmental effects of remedial measures.

Sweco is highly knowledgeable about the restoration of watercourses, i.e. establishing thresholds, creating special passages for fish swimming past HEP stations and opening up previously closed streams. Our engineers, biologists, landscape architects and planners work together in order to find the most sustainable solutions for clients.

We are devoting an increasing amount of work to freshwater biology and the management of water resources. Our work consists of helping clients to rectify past environmental transgressions and restore watercourses. Sweco's specialists are able to identify environmental conditions in watercourses and assess planned measures, as well as the effects of implementing measures in aquatic environments.


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