A transition to sustainable energy systems is underway across the globe. Sweco’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain. Focus is on how energy is produced, distributed where it’s needed, and consumed as efficiently as possible. The result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.

  • Acoustics, noise and vibrations
  • BREEAM certification
  • Dams and pipelines
  • Due diligence
  • Energy consumption in buildings
  • Energy market and strategy
  • Fire safety
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Hydrology, hydrogeology and hydraulics
  • Licences, early stages
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Power systems
  • Power transmission
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Transformer stations
  • Wind power and renewable energy

Energy market and strategy

New international climate targets call for lower CO2 emissions. This affects national energy markets, since the renewal percentage and the price of energy raw materials are at a low level on the international market.

The Norwegian and Nordic energy markets are suffering from considerable uncertainty in respect of price developments and amended framework conditions at both national and EU level. It is Sweco's aim to improve our understanding of energy markets – so that clients can make good strategic choices. Our experts are able to analyse both the markets and regulations, as well as develop and implement energy strategies.

Norway was one of the first countries to deregulate its energy supplies. Since the middle of the 1990s, Norway has operated with a market system for the sale and turnover of power. This has provided us with a good basis for understanding the markets and assessing the effects of amended framework conditions.


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