Building service systems

It is all too easy to take a good indoor climate for granted. At the same time we quickly notice when things are not working right. Sweco's technical experts ensure that buildings have the right temperature, they tailor lighting solutions and they ensure good ventilation, etc. We are also interested in sustainability and offer top expertise on energy consumption and efficient energy solutions for buildings.

  • Acoustics, noise and vibrations
  • Automation/ITB
  • BREEAM certification
  • Electrical systems
  • Energy consumption in buildings
  • Fire safety
  • Flow analysis and computational fluid dynamics
  • HVAC
  • Lighting and light design
  • Telesystems
  • Third party control

Electrical systems

In a modern society, it is essential for all businesses to have stable electrical systems which function optimally. Sweco's engineers create good, safe solutions for everything ranging from electrical infrastructure, back-up power supplies and emergency power systems to planning lighting.

Our electrical engineers prepare alternative electrical engineering system solutions and plan the details of any solutions chosen by our clients. We ensure that production is adapted to comply with any implementation models in a sustainable manner.

We use the most recent CAD/BIM technology for our design work. We are one of the leading trade experts in this field.


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