Building application process

Today's building regulations are complicated and subject to frequent changes. Sweco's experts on the regulations relating to the building application process are able to assist with everything from the planning to the completion of such processes. We have become specialists in our role as a responsible applicant. It is our aim to ensure maximum flexibility during the building application process and to prepare suitable applications for submission to the municipal authorities.

  • Appeals
  • Applications for partition and surveying
  • Dispensation applications
  • Legally responsible applicant
  • Property consultancy/legal advice
  • Property assessment
  • Quality assurance of building applications
  • Sectioning and re-sectioning

Sectioning and re-sectioning

If several people jointly own a property, and if each owner is to have the sole rights to his/her title unit, the property needs to be sectioned. Each section could consist of one main section and one or more additional sections.

Sweco helps to draw up applications for sectioning and submits them to the local authorities for cadastral registration. The local authorities arrange for the registration of such applications and each section receives its own page in the Register of Land and Land Charges.

In order for sectioning applications to gain municipal approval, they need to contain all the documents required by the local and registration authorities. We prepare and obtain all the documentation that needs to accompany such applications. 

We can also help established condominiums to re-section properties.


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