Building application process

Today's building regulations are complicated and subject to frequent changes. Sweco's experts on the regulations relating to the building application process are able to assist with everything from the planning to the completion of such processes. We have become specialists in our role as a responsible applicant. It is our aim to ensure maximum flexibility during the building application process and to prepare suitable applications for submission to the municipal authorities.

  • Appeals
  • Applications for partition and surveying
  • Dispensation applications
  • Legally responsible applicant
  • Property consultancy/legal advice
  • Property assessment
  • Quality assurance of building applications
  • Sectioning and re-sectioning

Quality assurance of building applications

Are you a legally responsible applicant or a private individual seeking to submit a building application to the local authorities, but are unsure about whether or not it contains the required information? If so, Sweco can help you.

The regulations call for building applications to undergo quality assurance. We use fixed procedures and checklists to ensure that your application contains all the required information – to prevent your project from being delayed by the official process.

For more than ten years Sweco has used dedicated applicants from all over the country who are familiar with planning procedures and the challenges associated with them. We have our own experts who are legally responsible applicants with experience from the local building authorities, county governors and the Norwegian Building Authority. We would be more than happy to contribute our expertise towards your project.


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