BIM - Building information modelling

The emergence of modern 3D computer tools has revolutionised building and infrastructure projects and is providing endless opportunities for simplifying communications and improving the efficiency of project implementation work. Sweco's BIM experts serve as the link between people, projects and technology and as joint venture partners for everyone involved in all the phases of a project.

  • BIM Academy
  • BIM coordination
  • BIM modelling of existing buildings and structures
  • BIM strategy and development
  • Visualisation and modelling

Visualisation and modelling

Sweco has developed high-quality ­visualisation services. Visualisation allows a good flow of information at early stages of planning.

Visualisation is also valuable during detailing phases with contractors­, customers or decision-makers. We use the best­ software on the market and take visualisation to new heights. With visualisation techniques and 3D models, we produce perspectives that are invaluable for the customer during project presentations and input.

We create simple hand drawings, evocative watercolours and life-like collages in 2D. We create our dynamic models in 3D. These models allow us to navigate in real time and identify the correct solutions. We can also create films and select snapshots for photographically realistic rendering or simple visualisation in order to communicate with other parties involved.


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