BIM - Building information modelling

The emergence of modern 3D computer tools has revolutionised building and infrastructure projects and is providing endless opportunities for simplifying communications and improving the efficiency of project implementation work. Sweco's BIM experts serve as the link between people, projects and technology and as joint venture partners for everyone involved in all the phases of a project.

  • BIM Academy
  • BIM coordination
  • BIM modelling of existing buildings and structures
  • BIM strategy and development
  • Visualisation and modelling

BIM strategy and development

Good BIM strategy is an important basis for development. Sweco aims to stay one step ahead by providing the specialist expertise and experience necessary for strengthening our client's operations. Our aim is to develop the industry and technology.

Sweco's BIM expertise helps clients make effective, smart use of BIM in projects or organisations. We tailor BIM implementation so that clients can obtain rapid benefits and we provide advice about the appropriate BIM levels for projects. Which measures have the greatest utilitarian value and which investments will pay off?

We possess considerable expertise on establishing BIM strategies for various companies and individual projects. We help clients to identify BIM expertise in their companies and to establish targets, procedures and guidelines for BIM coordination and project design.


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