BIM - Building information modelling

The emergence of modern 3D computer tools has revolutionised building and infrastructure projects and is providing endless opportunities for simplifying communications and improving the efficiency of project implementation work. Sweco's BIM experts serve as the link between people, projects and technology and as joint venture partners for everyone involved in all the phases of a project.

  • BIM Academy
  • BIM coordination
  • BIM modelling of existing buildings and structures
  • BIM strategy and development
  • Visualisation and modelling

BIM modelling of existing buildings and structures

Some aspects of a property manager's buildings may be dynamic. Sweco offers BIM modelling enabling clients to feel secure knowing that a project's drawing documents are always up to date.

Sweco possesses considerable experience in using technology such as "on-site" surveying, model generation, photogrammetry, traditional laser scanning and drones.

For large renovation and alteration projects it is essential for the subsequent project design process to be correct. The same applies to drawing up fire and emergency escape plans. Any supporting details which have not been updated in line with actual circumstances may result in serious consequences such as the loss of rental income.

Sweco's experts assist clients to acquire general details about building process documentation and ensure correspondence between the "plans" and what is actually "built", i.e. aspects which provide the basis for good results.


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