BIM - Building information modelling

The emergence of modern 3D computer tools has revolutionised building and infrastructure projects and is providing endless opportunities for simplifying communications and improving the efficiency of project implementation work. Sweco's BIM experts serve as the link between people, projects and technology and as joint venture partners for everyone involved in all the phases of a project.

  • BIM Academy
  • BIM coordination
  • BIM modelling of existing buildings and structures
  • BIM strategy and development
  • Visualisation and modelling

BIM coordination

Sweco's BIM coordinators ensure that everyone involved in a project is able to achieve their targets.

The principal's delivery requirements should be clear to everyone involved, i.e. what they intend to achieve by using BIM and which geometric and informative levels models should be based on.  

BIM coordinators set up BIM coordination procedures and assist project groups by ensuring a good flow of data between the various phases and parties involved. Consequently, the utilitarian value of using BIM which is achieved by everyone involved in a project also becomes apparent.  

BIM coordinators manage and maintain all these processes for clients and ensure compliance with all procedures and BIM deliveries in accordance with the levels agreed.


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