Planning and architecture

Half of the global population currently lives in towns and cities. Sweco's land planners and landscape architects are involved in developing everything from whole city blocks to smaller areas. Irrespective of the job, it is our aim to create optimal environments where people can live, work and thrive. We work closely with other specialists in order to realise solutions which take into account economic considerations, the environment and people.

  • Acoustics, noise and vibrations
  • Area planning subject to the Norwegian Planning and Building Act
  • Consequence studies and planning programmes
  • Landscape architecture
  • Lighting and light design
  • Process management
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Socio-economic analyses
  • Visualisation and modelling

Process management

Sweco's processing methods are based on determining clear targets and success criteria for which we structure the materials and find the best way of solving tasks. Our process managers are highly skilled in planning, adapting, managing and summing up workshops and large concept workshops.

Sweco's strength lies in managing projects by following a structured process which starts with a clearly defined goal, and proceeds via a creative concept phase – a filtration phase – to the evaluation of results and selecting the best solution. We use various types of research-based methods and brainstorming sessions to boost creativity in participants, consequently creating great solutions.

Our process managers do this professionally, providing them with a sound theoretical grounding in the subject. They also possess experience in complex planning and project design assignments. We offer process management in respect of all our service areas.


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