Meet our employees

Sweco consists of people who are passionate about designing the communities and cities of the future. What unites our employees is their curiosity and a driving motivation to make a real difference for those we work for. Meet a few of our employees, and discover their thoughts on working with us.

  • Learning through challenging projects

    Vegard Busk’s first encounter with Sweco was as a summer student in 2014, and he became an employee the following year. His favourite part of the job is when he is encouraged to think big.

    What do you do at Sweco?

    I am an engineer, working with water and wastewater systems. There is great variation in the projects I work on, when it comes to scope as well as time frame. On some assignments, only my service area is involved, while at other times I work together with Sweco employees from a wide range of service areas. Sometimes the projects are under construction and with a short time frame, while other projects are master plans where the results will be ready in 25 years’ time.   

     As an employee in Europe’s leading engineering consultancy, you get the opportunity to work on and develop through a great variety of assignments. This variation is one of the main reasons why I enjoy working at Sweco.


    When do you appreciate your job the most?

    I think I enjoy my job the most when I get to think big. And at Sweco, that is something I am encouraged to do often. At the moment, I am involved in a comprehensive master plan project for the water and wastewater systems of three municipalities in eastern Norway. I need to look at the big picture, and think long term and comprehensively. That is something I really enjoy doing.

    It is a lot of fun to come up with good and sustainable solutions to challenging problems by thinking creatively together with my colleagues.


    Tell us about your experience as a summer student at Sweco.

    I didn’t know much about Sweco or what the company actually does. It was therefore very exciting to get an insight into the everyday tasks of my colleagues, and to be included in real and challenging projects from day one.

    What impressed me the most was the amount of responsibility I was entrusted with, and the trust my colleagues and leaders showed me. As a summer student, and now as a full-time employee, this trust shown in the young and inexperienced is something I highly value. It gives me an extra motivation to do the best job I am capable of doing.

  • Talented and supportive colleagues

    After finishing her degree in energy and environmental studies, Maren Eline Ingebretsen started working with building service systems at Sweco. For her, having good colleagues is an important aspect of the job.

    What are your thoughts on working at Sweco?

    I am extremely fond of my job. I am working with exciting and diverse projects, and I always look forward to a new work day. One of the things I particularly appreciate at Sweco is all my talented and pleasant colleagues. When you are a recent graduate like me, a lot of what you do in your job is new and unknown. It is therefore nice to be able to rely on your more experienced colleagues, and I absolutely experience that kind of support from my colleagues at Sweco. We have a culture of asking questions and helping each other thrive.

    In addition to the knowledge sharing, I thoroughly enjoy the social aspect of working at Sweco. I work in a young and dynamic environment, with a rich selection of social and after work activities.


    Can you mention a few of these activities?

    Especially if you are into sports and physical activity, you will find a wide range of options. Whether you are interested in team sports, skiing, yoga, aerobics or sailing – to mention but a few – you are sure to find a suitable offer.

    We also have social committees that are in charge of organising social activities throughout the year. Right before I started working at Sweco, the social committee for my department organised a trip to Svalbard, and earlier this year we went on a great trip to Hafjell. We have done mountain hikes, pizza nights, after-work drinks and theater nights, and this helps to create a very good environment, both during and after working hours.

    Maren Eline Ingebretsen
    Civil engineer, building service systems
  • International assignments with Sweco

    During Jan-Petter Magnell’s long career at Sweco, he has worked on international assignments in a great number of countries across the globe. The environmental consultant enjoys getting to know different countries and cultures.

    Sweco is an international company. Which opportunities does this create for the employees?

    First and foremost, it creates opportunities for cooperation with our colleagues in the other Sweco countries. Personally, I have worked with Swedish colleagues on several assignments abroad. In addition, I know that some of my colleagues have worked a period at one of our international sister companies. Cross border cooperation creates exciting opportunities, and to make the most of it we need to have met our colleagues face to face. An important aspect is simply getting to know one another.


    Tell us about your international assignments as a Sweco employee.

    During my years at Sweco, I have been given the opportunity to work on a large number of assignments abroad, primarily in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The assignments have been very diverse, some short and in early phases, others more comprehensive. Amongst other things, I have worked on plans for flood control in the Philippines, studies on the effects of climate change on hydropower in Tanzania, and environmental impact assessments (EIA) in countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, Chile and the Dominican Republic.


    What personal experience have you gained?

    Getting the opportunity to work in other countries is rewarding, both professionally and personally. Working with people from other cultures and in other languages is definitely challenging, especially in formal situations such as negotiations. On the other hand, these challenges are what make it so rewarding. If you enjoy travelling, meeting new people and getting to know foreign cultures, international assignments can be an exciting addition to your work life.

    Jan-Petter Magnell
  • A resolute leader

    29 year old Eirik Olsvik Hovind started his career at Sweco straight after his civil engineering studies. Four years later, he became manager of the structural engineering group at our Oslo office.

    Which development opportunities are there at Sweco?

    The way I see it, the possibilities at Sweco are practically endless. From the day you are hired, your development along the career path of your choice is a major focus area.

    Since Sweco is such a large company, you get to work on a very diverse range of assignments. Within the field of structural engineering, for example, you can work with everything from bridges to airports, offshore constructions or residences. If you have a specific area of interest or expertise that you wish to further develop, there is room for that at Sweco. With almost 1400 employees in 26 office locations across the country, you will always find departments specialised in that specific topic that you are interested in.


    Tell us about your personal career development.

    I started my career at Sweco as a recently graduated civil engineer almost five years ago, and since then I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of diverse and exciting projects. I was given a lot of responsibility in the assignments already at an early stage, which meant leaving the office and going to building sites and customer meetings. This resulted in a steep learning curve, which I really appreciated.

    I chose the career path of line management, and in the fall of 2015 I became manager of the structural engineering group in Oslo. The position of group manager has so far been an exciting challenge, which involves responsibility for customers, personnel and budgets.


    When did you choose your career path?

    Already during my first interview, I made it clear that I wanted to become a manager. My wish was followed up from day one and through yearly development discussions where I set goals for the coming year together with my manager.

    Whichever career path you choose, you have a great chance of creating your own dream career at Sweco.