AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting of Sweco AB (publ) will be held on Thursday 23 April 2020.
Venue: Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm, Sweden.

Special arrangements at the Annual General Meeting of Sweco AB (publ) on April 23, 2020

Sweco prioritises the well-being of its shareholders and their opportunity to exercise their rights at the general meeting. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and as a precautionary measure, Sweco has decided to adjust the arrangements for the general meeting in the following manner:

  • Registration and entrance to the meeting venue will start 2.30 p.m.
  • The doors to the conference lobby will open only 15 min before registration i.e., 2.15 p.m.
  • No food will be served to meeting attendees
  • The company’s CEO will only hold a short speech. A longer CEO speech will be published on the company’s website later on the same day
  • There will be no presentation from the business in connection to the formal part of the AGM
  • The documents for the Annual General Meeting will be placed at each seat

Euroclear Sweden AB have, under prevailing circumstances regarding Covid-19 (coronavirus) and concerns regarding the risk of infection, resolved to offer shareholders (individuals, not legal entities), who have registered to the Annual General Meeting, the possibility to appoint representative from Euroclear Sweden as proxy holder. In this manner, the shareholders are given the opportunity to be represented at the Annual General Meeting without having to attend in person. Euroclear Sweden does not act on behalf of Sweco and does not provide services to Sweco in this regard, but Sweco welcomes this initiative and believes, under the prevailing circumstances, that it is a good alternative for shareholders instead of attending the Annual General Meeting in person. For more information regarding this offer from Euroclear Sweden, please contact Euroclear Sweden at 46 (8) 402 90 73. Shareholders who wish to use this service must first register to the Annual General Meeting in the usual manner via the registration link below.

To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, everyone is encouraged to follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendation regarding the spreading of the virus and possibly quarantine etc. and to pay attention to symptoms and to stay home if they feel sick or belong to a risk group. Shareholders who do not want to, or cannot, attend the Annual General Meeting in person may instead appoint a proxy holder from Euroclear Sweden as set out above or participate through other representative. Please refer to the Swedish Public Health Agency for updated information regarding recommendations regarding the Covid-19 (coronavirus),

Register to the Annual General Meeting 2020 of Sweco AB (publ)


Documents to the AGM

Sweco annual report 2019

BoD statement ch 18 sec 4 and ch 19 sec 22

Statement on the remuneration committee’s evaluation of remuneration to senior executives 2020

Item 12 - Nomination committee composition of the Board 2020

Item 12 - The Nomination Committee’s opinion on Sweco AB’s Nomination Committee’s proposal on the composition of the Board of Directors 2020

Item 14 - Resolution on guidelines for salary and other renumeration senior executives

Item 15 - BoD proposal Share Bonus Scheme 2020

Item 15 - Appendix 1 - Recalculation of the base share price 2020

Item 16 - BoD proposal Share Savings Scheme 2020

Item 17 - BoD proposal of acquisitions and transfers of treasury shares

Auditors statement on renumeration guidelines 8_54 Swedish companies act

Shareholders who wish to have a matter addressed at the Annual General Meeting may submit proposals to Sweco AB's Board of Directors at the following address:

Sweco AB
Koncernstab Juridik
Box 34044
SE-10026 Stockholm

Proposals must have been received by the company and the Nominating Committee no later than Wednesday 4 March 2020 in order to be included in the notice and the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. For more information regarding the Nominating Committee please see here