Long Term Incentive schemes

Sweco senior executives may be offered various forms of long-term incentive schemes, based on market terms. The rationale for share-based incentive schemes is to increase and/or diversify senior executives’ share ownership and/or exposure and to more closely align the interests of the company’s decision makers and shareholders. A long-term, personal shareholder commitment among key personnel is expected to stimulate greater interest in the company’s operations and earnings trend and to increase motivation and solidarity with the company.

Resolutions on share-based incentive schemes shall always be made by the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Current Share Savings Schemes

The 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Annual General Meetings resolved to implement long-term share savings schemes directed at senior executives in the Sweco Group. Under the share savings schemes, participants uses their own funds to acquire Class B shares in Sweco (“Savings Shares”) over NASDAQ Stockholm for an amount equivalent to a maximum of 5–10 per cent of the participant’s annual base salary for that year. If the Savings Shares are held until the forth business day after the announcement of the year-end report for the 2020 financial year for the 2017 share savings scheme, the 2021 financial year for the 2018 share savings scheme, the 2022 financial year for the 2019 share savings scheme and the 2023 financial year for the share savings scheme 2020 (the “Retention Period”) and the participant remains employed on the same, equivalent or higher position in the Sweco Group throughout the Retention Period, then each Savings Share shall thereafter grant entitlement to one Class B share in Sweco without consideration (“Matching Share”) if the absolute total shareholder return (“TSR”) for the Class B share in Sweco is positive during the Retention Period (the requirement for positiv TSR for Matching Share does not apply for the 2017 share savings scheme), and, provided that certain performance criteria have been met, to an additional number of not more than one to four Class B shares in Sweco (“Performance Shares”). The granting of Performance Shares is conditional on a positive TSR for the Sweco B share during the Retention Period and is also dependent on the Sweco B share’s TSR in relation to a group of benchmark companies. The cost for the Group is accounted for according to IFRS and is expensed on a straight-line basis over the Retention Period.

Further information, including intern alia the rational and the full terms, regarding the respective ongoing share saving schemes are set out in the documents below:

Share Savings Scheme 2020
Share Savings Scheme 2019
Share Savings Scheme 2018
Share Savings Scheme 2017