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Rådgiver peker utover byggeplass i grått vær. Rådgiver i hjelm og vernetøy ses bakfra og står ved siden av entreprenør.

About Sweco

Transforming Society Together

Together with our clients and the knowledge of our 17,500 architects, engineers and other specialists, we co-create solutions that address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.

We offer our clients the combination of global expertise and local understanding of their business and context. Our ambition is to be our clients’ most relevant partner and we aim to solve any challenge, no matter scale or location.

Sweco – Transforming society together

Facts about Sweco

For more than 130 years, Sweco has been transforming society together with our clients. Today, we are Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy.

Our services range from large water and energy projects, to efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions and the development of cities and green areas.

The Sweco Group’s business activities are organised in eight business areas: Sweco Sweden, Sweco Norway, Sweco Finland, Sweco Denmark, Sweco Netherlands, Sweco Belgium, Sweco United Kingdom and Sweco Germany & Central Europe.